What kinds of rooms did you get in the hotel of Muscat?

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You cannot book any particular hotel with its looks or infrastructure as there is a huge difference between the infrastructure and services. There are different types of rooms available in the besthotel as the owner of the hotel knows that every guest cannot choose the same room. The rooms are differed according to the size, rates and with some minor facilities such as Wi-Fi, TV, Sofas,and beds. Here are some different kinds of rooms available in a good hotel –

Twin rooms –

Twin rooms have two beds and the looks of these beds are almost in fact totally similar to one another. Oman 5 star hotel is a hotelwhich has this kind of rooms available. Free Wi-Fi, desk phone, desk,and chair are easily available in these rooms.

Exclusive Rooms –

hotels in oman 5 star

All executive rooms include the facility of bathroom, TV, air conditioners, Wi-Fi, desk phone, wardrobe, desk,and chairs. These rooms can only be open with your key given by receptionists of the hotel.

Deluxe Rooms –

Deluxe room comes with giving proper comfort with modern luxury. These rooms also have Queen Size bed or two single beds with proper pillow and blanket facility. The given pillows and blanket are very soft in such rooms. The looks of these rooms are very attractive and the colors used for painting is very classic and unique which add styles in these rooms.

Standard Rooms –

This type of room is basically for single and double residence. In most of the hotel, these rooms contain queen size beds and with soft blankets. Pillows are very soft and room services also come at regular intervals in such type of rooms.Superior Standard rooms will also include a perfect bathroom with the hot and cold water system. TV, free Wi-Fi, wardrobe, desk,and chair are some of the amazing features of Standard Rooms. These rooms will have a security system which can be only open with key is given to you only. Hotels in oman 5 star has this kind of rooms also.

The all above are some options of rooms which you can select according to your choice and budget.